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coal power: a coal power plant

  1. By khalidkarim For every MWe of a coal power plant. .wud need 6MWp of solar capacity.Coal is still the cheap source of electricity...but can we afford it? on 14 February 2017 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite
  2. By DobZombie Losing 1000 jobs in a coal power plant, it WAY better than losing 70,000 jobs on the Great Barrier Reef! #QandA #AusPol on 07 November 2016 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite
  3. By idakar76 How is this scene compared to a coal power plant?!? Magnificent and stunningly beautiful... on 04 August 2016 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite
  4. By Countercurrents Four People Killed In Bangladesh Protesting A Coal Power Plant on 08 April 2016 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite
  5. By TeaWithTree These people are dancing in a coal power plant on 19 July 2014 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite
  6. By mriu1987 Anyway Indy can relocate a coal power plant? Built way before Colts House or Victory Field but is eyesore. Coal train during Indians game. on 09 August 2013 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite
  7. By markwonderful "If someone wants to build a coal power plant, they can, it will just bankrupt them to do it" ~Obama 2008 THINK about this during brownouts on 26 April 2012 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite
  8. By colmmcsky A coal power plant. We first spotted the smokestacks about 20 miles away. on 07 June 2011 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite