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  1. In energy demand AK owed $488 Million from audits,Billions from unfinished audits-Demand payment instead of taking PFD #akleg on 29 June 2016 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite
  2. In energy demand #akleg @akgovbillwalker need your PFD to give $58 Million to Bankrupt Buccaneer who hit AK workers w/ payback demand on 28 June 2016 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite
  3. In oil company profits Our Constitution requires our resources be used for public purposes-not to pay welfare to a private oil company to subsidize profits #akleg on 25 January 2016 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite
  4. In oil company profits What percentage of Alaskans do you personally know that voted to protect oil company profits? No one is that stupid #akelect Numbers lie! on 20 August 2014 » Reply » Retweet » Favorite